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10 Email Marketing Facts Dealers Must Know in 2020

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10 Email Marketing Facts Dealers Must Know in 2020

Successful email marketing campaigns feature an average ROI of 42:1. With numbers like these, your dealership simply can’t afford to miss the boat. Email has become one of the most effective marketing tools available to you. It drives customer acquisition, loyalty and retention.

While you are busy focusing on your automotive digital marketing strategy, you don’t want to neglect the value of a good email campaign. It’s the ideal way to follow-up and stay connected. To strategically plan your email campaigns for 2020, you need to know these mind-blowing facts.

Not only do these facts show you the importance of email communication, but they also provide clear direction.

1. Billions of Emails are Sent Each Day

In 2018, there were 281.1 billion emails sent each day. That number is expected to rise to 306.4 billion emails per day in 2020. Despite the numerous amounts of communication channels available to you, it’s still clear that email continues to be one of the most popular.

2. Facebook Can’t Touch Email

There’s no question that social media is an effective outlet for customer acquisition, but it can’t hold a candle to email. Facebook advertising is vital for brand awareness, but email tends to work best for reaching and interacting with your target audience.

In fact, people are twice as likely to sign up on your email list as they are to interact on Facebook. If you want to nurture a relationship, email is the way to go.

It’s critical to note that you can’t neglect the other avenues. A comprehensive automotive marketing strategy includes every avenue for maximum exposure.

3. Massive Spending on Email Advertising

Americans will likely spend more than 350 million dollars in 2019 on email advertising. Those numbers are only going to continue moving upward. For companies to dump this much money into one avenue of marketing, imagine for a moment, how much they are receiving back.

In addition, if you aren’t one of the companies investing in email advertising, you are going to fall behind the curve. Don’t let the dealerships down the street reach the customers that should be visiting your showroom.

4. Email for Customer Retention

Talking to other business professionals that use email campaigns reveals how successful it truly is. 80% of these professionals say that their marketing strategy increases customer retention. Isn’t this a goal you have for your automotive digital marketing in 2020?

5. Influence Millennials

If you want to reach the millennials with your promotions, you need to speak their language. It turns out that almost 70% of this generation says promotional emails influence their purchase decisions. While you focus on other avenues, your competition is using email to sway your audience’s direction. Are you going to let them have all the attention?

6. Personalization Sells

Creating a personalized greeting can increase the transaction rate by six-fold. Despite these statistics, 70% of brands still fail to take the step toward personalization. This creates an amazing opportunity for you to get ahead of the pack.

Above all, personalization isn’t challenging to do. Your small effort today can make a massive impact on how many cars you sell this month.

7. Lack of Product Recommendations

In addition to personalized emails, it’s vital that you recommend products to your customers. After all, Amazon does it and they are one of the leading retailers in the world. Your audience is waiting for some suggestions so they can explore their options, yet only 39% of retailers send emails with product recommendations.

Isn’t it time you reach out to local families about a new minivan. Better yet, touch base with professionals in the area with your latest luxury car offers.

8. Reach Mobile Users

The majority of consumers walk around with their smartphones in their pockets. It is used all day long for everything from browsing cars to shopping for groceries. The smartphone isn’t going anywhere and your advertising campaigns must appeal to this device.

Thankfully, 88% of smartphone users check their email on their phone. Mail apps are more popular than anything else. You can effectively reach your consumers anywhere – they no longer have to be in the office or sitting in front of their computer at home.

9. Popular Days

Once you agree that email marketing is vital, it’s time to choose the appropriate time to send your message. Currently, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays remain the most popular time for emails to go out.

As a result, if you want a better chance of having your emails opened, you might consider sending them on Mondays or Fridays instead. Otherwise, your important message might get lost in the mix of the clutter.

10. Time of Day

Just as important as the day is also the time you send your emails. If you want the highest open rates, you want to send the emails between the hours of 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. It appears that the open rates increase to 24% (their highest) during the after work hours.

Therefore, to maximize your open rates, why don’t you consider sending your emails Monday after working hours? We don’t recommend using Friday after work as a time to send communications because most people are preparing for their weekend. The last thing you want to do is annoy them.

Monday evenings give you the best chance of being noticed and help you to connect with your audience.

Can Car Dealers Afford to Neglect Email Marketing?

With 75% of adult consumers claiming that email is their preferred method of communication, you can’t afford to let this go. Email marketing isn’t going anywhere and you must jump on the bandwagon before you get left behind.

As we continue moving deeper into the technology age, your dealership must grow and change with the trends. If you aren’t sure what is coming down the road, you can’t respond appropriately. Furthermore, we put together a comprehensive guide to marketing for automotive dealerships in 2020, so you don’t have to attempt to navigate this alone.

Don’t Go Down This Path Alone

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We provide innovative solutions from cinemagraphic ads to OEM style video ads. Our team of experts consults with you to determine what your needs are. Then, we craft a plan that brings about the desired results.

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