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5 Secrets to Effective Email Marketing for Car Dealerships

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5 Secrets to Effective Email Marketing for Car Dealerships

A study done by Yes Lifecycle Marketing confirms that 47% of consumers rank email as their preferred way to communicate. Automotive dealerships that use strategic email marketing see tangible effects to their efforts as a result. As a dealer, you can’t afford to miss the opportunities created by this form of marketing. Here are 5 secrets to effectively implement email marketing for car dealerships.

1. Begin with a Quality List

It’s essential that your list is accurate, up to date and provides relevant customer details. Your email addresses must be maintained regularly to ensure a top open rate. Keeping a healthy email database also helps you to reduce spam complaints and increase deliverability.

Before you purchase email lists, make sure you perform due diligence. Spending your marketing dollars on ineffective lists only disappoints and causes you to leave marketing altogether. Third-party email providers should offer strict quality controls that maintain the highest level of value. Ask for information regarding their sourcing strategies and how they validate the data.

It’s also vital that you have specialty auto data in your records. While you might know the prospect’s name, phone number and email, it more valuable if you have a record of the cars they’ve test driven and other pertinent information.

Then, your emails become more personal, which increases engagement. You don’t want to send an email to a target for a sports car when they have been looking at minivans.

Customize your email list with the vehicle they currently own, age, occupation, estimated income, other cars in the household, etc. All of this data combined helps you to accurately target them with your future email campaigns.

2. Provide Fresh Content

No one wants to read the same boring content over and over again. You must provide a healthy mix of content to entice car buyers. Regularly switch your content between sales, discounts, financing, new inventory and how-to articles.

What do your clients want to learn about? Provide them with content related to improving gas mileage, driving in poor weather conditions and current news about the car brand you carry. To get an idea what people want to know, listen to the questions asked on the showroom floor.

Then, customize your message to create the engaging content they want.

3. Respond to Every Email Inquiry

According to Super Office, the average company takes more than 12 hours to respond to a customer email. That’s better than the old one business day standard, but is it fast enough?

At some point, your potential customers will stop waiting for your response and move on to the next company. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you want to provide prompt email responses.

Even if you need a little extra time to get the question answered, make sure you follow up and let your client know that you are on it. By doing so, you create loyalty and hopefully a future sale.

5. Have Your Customers Spread the Word

There’s no better advertising than word of mouth. Creating loyal customers helps you to promote your dealership better than anything else. By creating engaging content and sending it to the right people, you provide a better chance for your message to be shared.

Customers will forward your emails or share it on social media if it is valuable. Make sure all your emails contain a simple to use share button to make it easier than ever before.

Start with Email Marketing for Car Dealerships

You don’t have to walk this path alone. At AimLogic, we’ve helped countless automotive dealerships perfect their email marketing strategy. Join with us and let’s boost that ROI quickly and efficiently.