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Gain More Customers to Your Auto Dealership by Using Cinemagraph Ads

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Gain More Customers to Your Auto Dealership by Using Cinemagraph Ads

When it comes to automotive digital marketing, there’s no end to the solutions available to you. A popular and engaging solution is to implement cinemagraph ads. It’s the ideal option for your Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Instagram stories and email campaigns. Let’s take a look at how this small tool revolutionizes your automotive social media marketing.

Video Content Rules

Video helps advertisers break through all of the stagnant photo content to capture more attention. This medium allows storytellers to share their brand while enticing new customers. 50% of all mobile content viewed is now online video.

This video marketing is shifting toward the microformat. People want short and digestible video content that either auto-loops or auto-plays. You don’t need audio to capture the attention.

What are Cinemagraph Ads?

Cinemagraphic ads represent a new medium that combines the power of photography with videography. What’s achieved is a mesmerizing experience.

These innovative ads were first introduced in 2011, but have quickly evolved into more. Now, they are used to tell stories across every social media platform and continue to perform well.

Cinemagraph Statistics

According to Facebook, here are some valuable statistics regarding how well these ads worked in 2017.

  • PepsiCo saw an engagement increase of 51 times.
  • Microsoft had a 45% decrease of costs during testing.
  • Holden received a 9 point lift in brand awareness.
  • Mercedes-Benz also experienced a 34% increase in ad recall.

Further research reveals that Lincoln introduced the past to younger consumers through the use of these ads. Even Mercedes-Benz relies on this medium. They portrayed adventure through Canadian Instagram, with lots of success.

If it works for these larger brands, imagine what it can do for your digital automotive marketing campaigns.

Places to Use Cinemagraphic Ads

The next logical question is – where do I use cinemagraph ads to draw in more customers? Honesty, there’s no end to the possibilities available to you.

Facebook Ads

With 2.4 billion monthly active users, Facebook continues to be the go-to source for advertisers. The opportunity available to you is unprecedented. Take this lead generation tool to another level with our unique ads.

Instagram Ads

Instagram continues to grow in popularity for automotive social media marketing. With over a billion active monthly users, it’s right up there with Facebook. At times, it even receives more engagement than Facebook does. Because of this, it is an ideal platform for a high ROI.

Instagram Stories

If you want to reach people on a personal level, don’t forget about Instagram Stories. It’s a pathway that not many businesses think about, but should.

Email Campaigns

Email continues to be the preferred method of communication with today’s consumer. Thankfully, this is also a cost-effective way to connect with your clients. With personalized emails and cinemagraphic displays, you have the recipe for success.

Website Ads

Grab the attention of any visitor with our unique ad ideas. When placed appropriately, you increase conversions and engagement while standing out from the competition.

Digital Commercials / Videos Ads

No one can deny that every customer has a shorter attention span these days. Consequently, you need something that catches their eye. That’s what makes the cinemagraphic displays so wonderful. You capture their attention and increase engagement. This tool helps you to increase brand awareness.

Implementing Digital Automotive Solutions

The cinemagraphic ads are simply one piece of the puzzle. Therefore, when you work with AimLogic, you gain access to high-quality ads that all work together to help you stand out. Consider creating a package that also includes our OEM Style Video Ads.

Join with our countless other happy clients and discover what makes our company different. Our years’ of experience set us apart. As a result, we can help you curate innovative advertising solutions for your dealership. Reach out to us today so we can implement an auto marketing strategy that increases your ROI.