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5 Steps to Gain a Rapid ROI from Video Marketing for Automotive Dealerships

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5 Steps to Gain a Rapid ROI from Video Marketing for Automotive Dealerships

It’s likely that your dealership already has a video marketing strategy in place. If so, you are accustomed to the increase in website visitors, leads and sales that come as a result of this marketing avenue. Still, it’s time to fine-tune your strategy to produce even better results. Let’s take these 5 steps to gain a rapid ROI from video marketing f.

1. Implement Live Streaming

As mobile video apps continue to grow in popularity, it’s only a matter of time before we see video calls used more frequently for business. Still, the trouble for dealerships is finding a platform that’s used by both parties. Skype, FaceTime and other video communication programs require everyone to be on the same platform. Furthermore, they only allow for two-way video calling.

Customers don’t gravitate toward this because they are camera shy or want to protect their privacy. With a mobile app that enables one-way live streaming, the customer can see the dealership employee while remaining private.

Not only does this help to sell a car and its features, but it can also be used by service advisors. Using mobile video apps allows the technician to show the worn-out parts and demonstrate why a repair is needed.

With live streaming video calls, dealerships promote a personal connection. While it might not be high on your priority list today, this avenue will become popular for doing business in the future.

2. Distribute Ads across Many Platforms

If you put all your money into creating engaging content and then place it on a single channel, you are wasting your money. You want to utilize them in email campaigns, on blogs, Facebook, your website and other mediums as well.

Multi-channel marketing is key to reaching and engaging with new clients. Don’t limit yourself to one target audience, but begin to broaden your horizons for a more substantial ROI.

3. Test Out Virtual Reality Videos

VR is becoming a hot trend, which is why this avenue must be considered for dealership advertising. You can become one of the first to market in your area, which sets you ahead of the competition.

Virtual Reality walk-around videos allow a car shopper to get into the driver’s seat without leaving their home. It creates a fully immersive experience and creates an emotional response.

Because VR videos get shared often on social media, you will quickly expand the reach of your brand and further increase engagement on your website.

4. Increase Relevance

No one can deny the effect that behavior-based marketing has for a company’s profits. Today’s technology utilizes web analytics, browsing history, IP addresses and cookies to create the user profile of every individual customer.

With the data, dealerships can generate targeted and highly relevant video messages directed at the customer.

As one example, let’s say a customer visits your website and watches a video related to a transmission issue on a car. After that, the client heads to a third-party site and begins watching new car videos. From this information, it’s clear that the person is a candidate for a trade-in. With your behavior-based rules, the videos on that third-party site can display a banner ad for a special trade-in deal happening at your dealership.

5. Create Lead Generators out of Videos

We all understand the importance of using email to market to potential clients, but video emails take that to a new level. Integrating video marketing as a follow-up helps you to reach new heights.

Full CRM integration takes videos and turns them into lead generators. Send out a video email and data is gathered from the viewer. This matches the customer record you have in your CRM. With this data, you know who watched your video, what they viewed and the platform they saw them on.

The CRM alert lets salespeople know when a prospect is watching a video. What a fantastic time for your employee to reach out to the viewer. The customer actively engages with the content, don’t let that lead grow cold.

Video Marketing for Automotive Dealerships With Confidence

It’s time to take your video marketing to the next level. AimLogic can help you incorporate these tips into your video marketing strategy. Just sit back and watch the increase in your ROI. Contact us today.