What are Cinemagraphic Ads, and Why are They so Effective within Automotive?

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What are Cinemagraphic Ads, and Why are They so Effective within Automotive?

In the world of automotive digital marketing, we all know how important it is to stand out from the crowd. However, video ads aren’t always the ideal solution. In some cases, you might find that cinemagraphic ads are more effective. But, what are these automotive ads and how should they be used? We take a closer look.

What is a Cinemagraphic Ad?

The first time we heard the word cinemagraph occurred back in 2011. At the time, Jamie Beck, a fashion photographer and Kevin Burg, a motion graphic designer used the term for their animated fashion photography. Considering it’s not even a decade old, this technology is still new and evolving. The word cinemagraph is a combination of the terms “Cinema” and “Photograph.” It’s the combination of a moving and a still image. Typically, the cinemagraphic ad contains a mainly still photograph that includes an isolated amount of repetitive movement. It’s a hybrid between a video and image, plus it often plays in a loop. Most commonly, the cinemagraphic ad is done in a GIF format, but it could also be an MP4 or MOV.

5 Reasons to Use Cinemagraphic Ads in Digital Advertising for Dealerships

While there are numerous reasons to use this type of media in your automotive marketing campaigns, we will look at the top five advantages.

1. Cost-Effective Alternative To Dealership Videos

According to Google, more than 75% of car buyers are influenced by videos. In fact, we have become accustomed as a society to seeing lots of videos while browsing online. It’s becoming the go-to source for advertisements within the dealership and among other industries. Still, not everyone wants to deal with the expense of video production. Plus, it can take a good deal of time. With the cinemagraphic ad instead, you get a video element, but on a smaller scale. Plus, the video runs on a loop, so there is a lot less production. This doesn’t just help you turn around an ad quickly, but it keeps the costs to a minimum. With more money in your budget, you can focus on other dealership advertising solutions.

2. Cinemagraphs Are Perfect For Social Media

We all know how vital it is to create unique, engaging content, but coming up with fresh ideas isn’t always simple. When you create video ads, you want to offer something different than the competition. Video content, as well as cinemagraphics, are ideal for social media platforms. With the auto loop and auto-play, you can use it easily across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. There’s even an avenue to use the automotive ads on Pinterest. What makes these videos unique is that they are simple to consume, leading to more engagement. Your audience doesn’t have to spend thirty seconds watching a video. Instead, they get the message quickly and effectively. In fact, your prospects will be happy to share the content as well, especially if it is well produced. Video marketing has never been so accessible to dealerships, regardless of the size.

3. Cinemagraphic Ads Tell Stories About Your Vehicles

Another key benefit of using the cinemagraphic ad is that you can tell a story. By isolating the image among the movement, you draw the viewer’s attention to a particular location. Not only is that action pointed out, but it also draws attention to the product or brand you are promoting. For example, you could advertise a car, but have the wheels spinning. This action brings you closer to the photograph, allowing users to experience the feeling of driving that car. This isn’t the same feeling that would be conjured up with a still image alone. When you can capture the small, subtle and short action, you create the most powerful cinemagraphs on the market. In a short time frame, a lot is understood by the consumer.

4. Cinemagraphic Ads Load Quickly and AutoLooped

Another perk to using this type of dealership advertising is the immediacy of the video. It will load quickly and grabs attention immediately. When you are dealing with a video, the production must be started by the user. They have to click the start button to view your advertisement. That is not the case with a cinemagraphic ad. With this initial step removed from the user, it’s simple to create engagement as more people will view your ad.

5. Cinemagraphs Drive Engagement For Your Dealership

That brings us right into our next point. The cinemagraphic ad provides more visual stimulation than a simple still photo. Therefore, your campaign is going to gain more attention. Using cinemagraphs on social media is sure to draw more attention to your dealership, but it shouldn’t be the only avenue for the ads. In fact, we have found a lot of success using this digital advertising with email marketing campaigns. Instead of sending a simple still image, draw in the attention of your readers with a cinemagraph instead. By engaging your readers and potential customers, you draw a bigger audience. Not only does it cause them to pay attention to what you are saying, but they become more likely to do business with you. Therefore, there’s no limit to the value a properly created cinemagraphic ad can provide.

Get Your Franchise Dealership Started Today

Now that you understand the benefits of this unique ad, it’s time to incorporate more into your advertising campaigns. At AimLogic, we provide unique and engaging cinemagraphic ads that will draw your audience closer to you. What makes us different from your standard advertising company is our experience. We don’t spread ourselves thin by catering to every industry. Instead, we focus solely on serving dealerships, just like yours. Because of the inclusivity, we understand the challenges you face on a daily basis. Our years of time in the field have allowed us to create specialized solutions that sell more cars. Our team can put together a comprehensive plan that suits your unique needs. Whether you need to increase brand awareness or skyrocket your ROI, we are ready to help. Contact our team today to learn more about our specialized cinemagraphics. We have the video advertising solutions you have been dreaming about.

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